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Lincoln Zephyr V12

Lincoln Zephyr V12 1936-48 267-292-305



NOTE: =should be in stock and available to ship within 1-2 business days.

          =normally not in stock or limited supply; This may take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery


NOS and NORS copper asbestos, steel asbestos, beaded steel  and corbestos head and manifold gaskets  may also be available in our inventory. If listed as NOS or NORS, this is subject to stock on hand. We reserve the right to substitute, unless noted in your purchase.


To view the Best Gasket picture of the set, just click the blue part number.

Lincoln Zephyr V12 1936-48 267-292-305

Engine Rebuild Gasket Set   RS707SA    $184.00

Engine Gasket Set without Head Gasket    RSU707   $133.00
Head Gasket   707SA     $60.00 each
Distributor Gasket Set   5543     $12.00
Intake manifold/Valve Cover Gasket Set   27016E     $22.00
Exhaust Gasket Set, 36-37   3241     $21.00
Exhaust Gasket Set, 38-48   3242     $21.00
Oil Pan Gasket Set   32008     $25.00
Timing Cover Gasket Set   GS8086   $14.00