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    Radiator Hose

    Hose Clamps

    Radiator Outlet Pipe

    Fan Belt


 NOTE: =should be in stock and available to ship within 1-2 business days.

          =normally not in stock or limited supply; This may take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery.


1929-1934 Chevrolet Radiator Outlet Pipe

A replacement for the steel elbow connecting the radiator hoses from the water pump to the radiator. These elbows are made of a heavier gage steel than the originals and have a baked black enamel coating for added resistance to corrosion.

p/n C-P354564 $23.00



1929-34 Chevrolet Radiator Hose Set

Cut to specific length using the original charts and a little bit more for easier fit. Please choose year for correct length needed includes three new original style wrapped radiator hoses. p/n 1 1/4" hose set $25.00/set

Hose clamps not included in set

1929 all

1930 all

1931 all

1932 all

1933 Eagle

1934 Master/Pass

1934 1/2 and 1 1/2 t. truck



Hose  Clamps

Original style hose clamps in various sizes.

Torque slides in channel to prevent damage to hose and to form a perfect circle.

Choose by inside diameter/part number

Please note: Inside diameter is the ID of the clamp, or OD of the hose. See example below:

15/16" inside diameter used for 1929-50 Chevy heater hose p/n HC9.5 Out of stock

1-5/8" inside diameter used for 1929-50 1-1/4" ID Chevy radiator hose p/n HC15 Out of stock

1-3/4" inside diametre used for 1-1/2" ID radiator hose p/n HC16.5

1-7/8" inside diameter used for 1935-50 Chevy radiator hose p/n HC17

Out of stock

Out of stock

1 7/8"ID HC17

1 1/2" ID HC14

1 3/4"ID HC16.5

2-1/8"ID HC19.5

2-3/8"ID HC21

2-5/8"ID HD23

 $3.50 each



1929-36 shaft for water pump

1929-36 Water Pump Shaft. (without rotor).

 A case-hardened shaft to replace the typically badly worn pump shaft.

p/n C-P835818 $18.00 



Fan Belt



1929-36 Chevrolet Old Style Generator and Fan Belt

 Replacement Fits above years except 1933-34 Standard and 1933-34 Master with 975-V generator with no cogs on outside, so looks more like the original style flat topped belt. Still cogged inside the belt for added strength.

  part # OS-24380 $25.00


1929-36 Chevrolet Conventional (no cog) Fan Belt

This belt has no cogs on either side and sits a little deeper into the pulley.

part # CSB35 $16.00