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1927-1939 Oil Pump Suction Tube (for Gear Type Oil Pump)

An exact replacement for the original suction tube on early gear-type oil pumps. 

p/n 838452  $6.00ea



1927-1934 Oil Pump Screen & Cover Assembly

The investment cast covers are designed to allow these assemblies to be used with all models of the Original Billy Possum Brand gear type oil pumps, including the 4 cylinder pumps, where the smaller engine pan precludes the use of the original type screen cover. The screen and associated hardware are exact duplicates to the originals. Replaces p/n C&P838458, C&P838457, 838803, 838452 & associated hardware p/n

27-34OPsc $93.00set



 Oil Pump (gear type)

Not like the old pumps that are a vane style pump, these pumps have a greater ability to keep oil pressures at a higher level. Except for a new oil pipe from pump to block, they require no modification to the engine. Just drop the pan and install the pump. This is an exact duplicate of the gear pump that General Motors offered as a replacement for the vane pump in the 40's for the early 6 cylinder engines.

These pumps do require the installation of a gear type oil pump screen assembly (see above).

Years /Part numbers Available:

1927-28 / 360954

1929 /604506

1930-32 / 604507



Please call for availability and pricing on the original vane style oil pump.



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