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Marx Parts LLC: Antique and Vintage Car Parts       

Welcome to our website.  We are here to provide you with a tantalizing dip into what we have for an inventory of vintage 1920s-1960s car parts.  It mostly show what we have the most of or can get from the wholesaler contacts we have found over the nearly 30 years of being into this old stuff.

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You are welcome to order any time by using our buttons that are in place or by  contacting us.

 The side bar has one link as online catalog to what we currently have listed on this website. If you are on our mobile site it should be the menu at the top.

Check out my 'What's New' page to see some of the current stuff I have that isn't in my online catalog yet. Any swap meets that are booked and we will be going to will be on that page.

When navigating the web site please note about the cart buttons below. These buttons will lead you to a secure web site in order for you to make your purchase.

This button: indicates that the item should be in stock and available to ship within 1-2 business days.

 If you see this button: it indicates that we either normally don't carry it in stock or it is limited supply and may take longer to fulfill the order. (This may take up to 3-6 weeks) Thank you for your patience.

If you order a part and then decide to cancel the order without contacting us, you will be subject to a 5% refund fee as our merchant account / PayPal no longer returns fees charged to us and to cover paperwork. It is strongly suggested that you contact us before ordering if you are unsure about shipping times, correct part or any other problem that may come up.


 I've got shopping cart links to some of the more popular rear main seals. If you're tired of that drip on the garage floor, maybe this will help. If it's the neighbor, you can recommend him to us.

If you cannot find what you're looking for here, remember, this is by no means everything we have.

Our engine gasket catalog and rear axle/transmission gasket catalog is based on the reproduction gaskets we get from (click logo to view the website or if you need to see what any of the gaskets you want to buy look like, click the gasket number listed, this will be a direct link to Best Gasket web site--this will open in a new page, if you want to return to our website, just close the window)

Some gaskets, like Head Gaskets, Intake/Exhaust manifold gaskets, and other gaskets not associated with shrinkage may be New Old Stock or New Old Reproduction Stock from our own inventory.  If you are looking for the BEST brand, please indicate on the order that this is what you want.

We accept Paypal Acceptance Mark--the shopping cart is linked to a PayPal site, but does also accept all major credit cards

or if you prefer, you may use your credit card, check, or money order by contacting us:


Phone: 715-652-2405

fax: 715-652-2357

email: bob@marxparts.com

Write to:

Marx Parts LLC

7323 County Road N

Arpin, WI 54410