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This button: indicates that the item should be in stock and available to ship within 1-2 business days. If you see this button: it indicates that we either normally don't carry it in stock or it is limited supply and/or may take longer to fulfill the order. (This may take up to 3-6 weeks) We will e-mail details once ordered.

IGNITION (for other makes/models)



For ignition parts older than 1928 not listed, please fill out an order request form as this is subject to availability.


1928-33 New Old Stock (NOS) Point Set,

p/n 1855520   $25.00 per set (limited supply)

1928-33 New Old Replacement Stock (NORS) Point Set 

 p/n DR1-2 $16.00 per set


Niehoff DR1-9 point set1933-40 NOS point arm and base set Original part numbers 813238, 1848038, 821154.

DR1-9  NOS $12.00set


1933-40 NORS

DR1-9  $8.00/set




1928-33 Chevy rotor

1928-33 Reproduction Rotor

part# DR12/44  $10.00




1933-52 Reproduction Rotor

part#DR46  $8.00



1918-27E Reproduction Remy 4 cylinder Distributor cap

 p/n RR33 $90.00


1928 Distributor cap

NORS with aluminum contacts p/n DR21 $10.00 ea
Reproduction USA made with copper contacts p/n DR21C $30.00



Copper Contact DR51C

1929-33 Reproduction USA Made 6 cylinder distributor cap with copper contacts

  p/n DR51C $20.00


1933-52 NORS 6 cylinder distributor cap with aluminum contacts

  p/n DR55 $8.00 


1933-52 Reproduction USA made distributor cap with copper contacts

  p/n DR55C $20.00 


1933-52 NOS Delco Remy distributor cap (limited supply-PLEASE EMAIL FOR AVAILABILITY)



1929-33 Reproduction Condenser with ring terminal; tested for viability

p/n DR23  $6.00


1933-62 Reproduction Condenser with spade terminal; tested for viability

p/n DR22 $6.00