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          =normally not in stock or limited supply; This may take up to 3-6 weeks for delivery.

If you order a part and then decide to cancel the order without contacting us, you will be subject to a 5% refund fee as our merchant account / PayPal no longer returns fees charged to us and to cover paperwork. It is strongly suggested that you contact us before ordering if you are unsure about shipping times, correct part or any other problem that may come up.


For more information on the "flat" carburetor float valves that are in the sets we sell, please click here.

Updraft Carter Carburetor Kit- RXO

The early updraft Chevrolet 1925-27 Carter RXO brass bowl carburetors were a little different from the later ones because of the needle and seat assembly. This tune-up kit comes with necessary gaskets and just the needle -NO seat.

 p/n carbkit: 320A  $38

Updraft Carter Carburetor Kit- RAJX-0, RAKX-0

For 1927-28 the Chevrolets used a Carter RAJX-0 and RAKX-0 brass bowl updraft carburetor which is different from the RXO and RJH08. Comes with everything that is in the RJHO8 kit except for the accelerator pump parts which are not used for the 27-28 Chevrolet.

 p/n carbkit: 320B  $30


Updraft Carter Carburetor Kit-RJH O8

This tune-up kit fits the Carter brass bowl updraft carburetors listed below:

Fits: Chevrolet 1929-31 6 cyl. 1BBI Updraft Carter brass bowl carbs with RJHO8 casting

p/n carbkit:320   $35.00


Accelerator pump boot

1929-31 Chevrolet Carburetor  Boot

 Carter Updraft Carburetor accelerator pump boot . Flexible rubber style for 3/4" ID accelerator pump on side 

p/n 87-19BOOT  $12.00


1932-40 Carter Carburetor Kit With Round Accelerator Pump Shaft

The Carter carburetors that went into the Chevy from 1932-1936 had a round accelerator pump shaft with a replaceable leather cup. From 1937-1940, depending on the model of carburetor, there were still some round accelerator pump shaft carburetors being made. This tune-up style kit is for Carter W-1 carburetor with round accelerator pump shaft.

p/n 301W-1carbkit.....$42.00


1932-48 Carter Kit for carbs with flat accelerator pump shaft

1932-1948 Carter Carburetor Kit With Flat Accelerator Pump Shaft

When Carter changed the shape of their accelerator pump shaft in 1937 to a flat one, they made a replacement carburetor for the 1932-1937 Chevy and put a flat accelerator pump shaft in it. With the exception of their model number 684S, which  used a fast idle linkage and had a longer accelerator pump shaft in it, this is exactly the same design that was used until 1949. The leather cup is not replaceable on this shaft so this tune-up kit comes with the complete accelerator pump shaft.

p/n 303W-1carbkit $45.00


1929-1931 Carburetor Venturi & Choke Cone Set

The original Carter venturi and choke cone were made of pot-metal. Most venturis are jammed in the carburetor throat and the choke cones often jam on the standpipe. These aluminum parts will give outstanding service. A copper rivet is included for installation of the venturi.

p/n C-P836308 … $44.00set


Carburetor Float

Carter donut carb float

1927L-31 Carter Carburetor Float

NEW reproduction Carter brass bowl carburetor Float fits Carter Carburetor types: RAJX-0, RAKX-0, RJH-08, model numbers 85S, 111S, 102S, 125S, 136S and 150S .  Original GM#348520 

Part#21-29S $62.50



1932-49 Carter Carburetor Float (no picture

NEW reproduction Carter carburetor Float fits Carter Carburetor W-1 .  Original GM# 

Part#21-45S $45.00

Carter Carburetor Bowl Nut

1925-28 Carter Carburetor Bowl Nut-flat top

1925-28 Carburetor Bowl Nut.

Replaces the Carter carburetor bowl nut and fiber washer for the 1925-28 carburetor, solid Brass construction machined to original specifications. Manufacturer's parts number 345434 (Carter #15-16 & 20-10)

p/n C-P345434... $20.00


1929-31 Carter Carburetor Bowl Nut- High Top

1929-1931 Carburetor Bowl Nut.

Replace those ugly and hard to use bowl nuts with a new part. Brass, shaped to same size as the original Carter brass bowl nut. Fiber washer  included.

p/n C-P835868 … $21.00


Carter updraft bowl gasket

1925-1931 Carter Carburetor Bowl Gasket

If you only need the gasket for keeping the updraft carburetor brass  bowl from leaking.

p/n 23A-14  $4.00


Fuel Pump refresh kit with diaphragmFuel pump refresh kit with diaphragm and screenAC #405 fuel pump this kit is used for

1929-1933 Fuel Pump Gasket and Diaphragm Set

This Fuel Pump Gasket Set and Diaphragm includes modern neoprene diaphragm that handles today's fuel types, 3 bolt spring cover gasket, glass fuel bowl mounting gasket, and fuel pump engine mounting gasket as  shown in picture. ALL NEW reproduction; spring bolt and fuel bowl mounting gaskets are NEW high quality rubber impregnated cork, engine mounting gasket is high quality paper.

Above is a picture of the type of fuel pump this gasket set fits. For a better view just click on the picture.

​Included in each kit is information on how to rebuild the pump.

Also available with fuel pump bowl screen.

2933fpgskt     $17.00

2933fpgskt with screen     $20.00


6 bolt diaphragm

6 Bolt Fuel Pump Diaphragm

If you just need the diaphragm and not the other gaskets associated with the set above, here it is. 3 1/4" diameter. 

p/n 3A32...$6.00ea